My career started as a young girl.

My family has been working with jewelry and watches for several decades.

Even as a young girl I was fascinated by jewelry and I was certain about my future in this area.

I worked for famous international jewelry companies like H. Stern, Cartier and Wempe in Frankfurt, Munich and New York City.

After that I decided to enter and run the family-owned business in Wiesbaden, Germany which already existed over 30 years.

This was the time when I started to create and wear my self-designed jewelry.

Many customers started to ask me where they could find these exquisite pieces, so I started to design individual pieces for my clients and friends.

Demand was continually rising and I wanted to fulfill my dream of an own collection.

I decided to start a business to make my collections available for others.

My great experience in the area of jewelry and my open-minded way of thinking and creating, enabled me to develope the new brand Aysela.

You can also visit my store “Da Vinci” in Wiesbaden where I work with high-end watches like Patek Philippe, Rolex and Audemars Piquet.

Of course the complete Aysela collection can be seen, tried and also purchased here.



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